at the service of your field engineers and technicians!

Professional work clothes are fundamental for all companies. There are strict regulations that require specific clothing to minimise risks at work in every manufacturing sector, light or heavy, whether it be logistics, warehousing, earthmoving, but also printing works, laboratories.
The said regulations define the necessary work clothing and accessories.

Impeccable work clothing conveys a sense of trust and cleanliness to your customers, helping to increase the reputation of your after sales service network.
Lindbergh caters to the needs of your maintenance staff, offering a revolutionary laundry, sanitising, and repair service for overalls, uniforms, and other workwear.

By accessing T-LINQ each engineer can ask Lindbergh to collect his/her overalls and accessories to be washed, repaired and sanitised.
Within the time established, the overall will be delivered in perfect condition into the maintenance engineer’s vehicle, ready for a new day on the field!

washing, sanitizing and repair service for overalls, uniforms and workwear

delivered directly into your van

Each item of clothing is associated with a unique code and loaded onto the Lindbergh portal. The items are then sent to our laundry facilities, washed and if necessary repaired, ready to be returned to their owners.
After having been washed, overalls and clothes are returned to the van from which they were collected thanks to the unique code; no mistakes and no time is wasted.

Just like for all Lindbergh services, the work clothing is collected and delivered at night without the presence of a person!
It’s incredible, isn’t it? Contact us to try our service and agree a price list tailored for your company.

washing, sanitizing and repair service for overalls, uniforms and workwear