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Increasing productivity is a constant challenge, but it is not always easy to find room for improvement to reduce the operating costs.

If your business is based on guaranteeing a maintenance service to your customers, you will certainly have faced the countless unforeseen events that a small army of maintenance engineers meet every day, going from one plant to another.

Lindbergh offers a customised delivery service that can actually increase your productivity.

Lindbergh consegne on demand di pezzi di ricambio

work clothing and accessories
always ready on board your van

Thanks to the on-demand delivery of PPE, Lindbergh reduces the downtime faced by technicians and technicians every time they look for personal protective equipment in a specialised warehouse.

Lindbergh will prepare a PPE catalogue in agreement with your field engineers: when required, we will deliver the work clothing and accessories directly to their vans, without wasting time and with the guarantee of receiving quality products that comply with your regulations and those of your clients.

Lindbergh consegna direttamente nel furgone dei tecnici manutentori

the revolution is possible

Activate Lindbergh’s on-demand laundry service. Every your field engineers needs to wash their overalls or work clothes we will pick them up from their vehicles and return them within a few days perfectly clean, repaired and sanitised, ready for a new work shift.

Your technicians will always look professional and you will avoid wasting time with matters related to washing, repairing and sanitising corporate clothing.

Lavaggio e sanificazione indumenti da lavoro in demand


Lindbergh offers your company’s engineers and technicians an innovative system for periodic and on-demand inspections, checks, and tool maintenance.
The service is aimed at maintenance staff whose work is to provide customers’ with on-site assistance.

With Lindbergh, technicians can rely on a supply of tools in perfect working order, which means no time wasted and no more queues at specialist repairers, as well as compliance with quality and safety legislation in force.

Maintenance engineers  request servicing for their tools via the Lindbergh T-Linq app, installed on a smartphone or tablet.
The tools and electronic instruments needing servicing will be picked up from and returned to the vans during the night, with fast turnaround times.

You can ask Lindbergh to keep a permanently available tool crib at its facilities, so your maintenance staff never find themselves without anything they need to work.


Lindbergh manages the special waste your technicians have produced during maintenance at your customers, picking it up from your vans at night, using an autonomous access system.

As with any other Lindbergh service, the assistance request is placed  using the T-Linq app.
The technician or engineer can book a pick-up slot, adding special requests and notes about any particular aspects of the service requested.

Lindbergh assigns the pick-up to the worker assigned to the area and the procedure begins, at the speed of light.
Special waste is always managed in strict compliance applicable legislation. The waste transport forms are completed in full and the loading/unloading registers are always kept in order and are updated in real-time.
With Lindbergh, waste management is a problem… solved!


Lindbergh provides a widespread distribution logistics service that involves night-time deliveries directly to the staff’s  vans, providing spares and any other parts needed by your technicians for their  work with your customers.

Each parcel is identified, traced and forwarded to the worker in charge of delivery, who delivers it, promptly, directly to the van in use, and therefore to the maintenance technician or engineer.
The same occurs for damaged spare parts needing to be  returned, which are identified and picked up at night and then processed and sent to the specified recipient.

The main advantage of the night-time service lies in the fact that your staff are ready to go from the early hours of the morning, with all the spare parts and materials needed for their maintenance activities. This translates into an important increase in efficiency and considerable savings in time, which would otherwise  be wasted on returning constantly to the premises  or waiting at the express courier desk.
Each operation is tracked in real time and made promptly visible, for reference purposes, on the T-Linq portal, so that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, an alternative delivery option can be applied in time.

Contact us now for further
information on our services!

Contact us now for further
information on our services!