Keeping your tools in perfect working order

Testing the tools used by your technical team is essential for them to be able to work efficiently, safely, and in compliance with the specifications stipulated by the manufacturers.

Tools such as digital multimeters, torque wrenches, measuring gauges, pressure gauges, scales and Megger testers require periodic but constant testing and checks, which are necessary to keep them perfectly efficient and compulsory to meet the quality certification requirements

downtime for staff

But we all know that managing these testing and reconditioning activities promptly and accurately takes not only time, but also an structured organisation and properly trained personnel.

And then there is the need to deliver the equipment to a specialist centre and check that it is returned on time.
Through its metrology laboratory, Lindbergh now offers the first on-demand service for calibration and operation testing instruments and tools.

Tool collection and delivery takes place at night.

tool certification

Book your testing using the T-Linq app: our staff will pick up the tools to be tested directly from your van during the night and return them to you rapidly, also at night, so no time is wasted.

the wait ends before it has even started

And if that were not enough, you can arrange for Lindbergh to keep certain tools in our warehouse, so they are always available when you need them.
So, if a tool in your equipment fleet needs to be put on hold for inspection and testing purposes, you can book similar equipment, in just a few simple steps.

Lindbergh periodically tests:
• digital multimeters
• current clamps
• torque wrenches
• pressure gauges
• tape measures
• insulation meters
• testers
• network testers
• contact thermometers
• scales for refrigeration technicians
• dew point meters
• refrigerant leak detectors
• Megger testers

If the tools you need are not listed here, contact us at Lindbergh! We’ll create bespoke kit tailored to your needs.

No more waiting and tools you can count on to be perfect- that is the secret of efficiency!