between the problem and the solution

We all know that unexpected situations arise every day at work. But who better than your field engineers know what is necessary for them to be more efficient and fast at work?
There is a solution for every problem; you just have to ask the right team. For this reason the wide world of Lindbergh services is built around your technicians, their requirements, the problems related to their daily work and their greatest desire: to work efficiently, reducing to a minimum unexpected events.
To achieve this ambitious result we have created T-LINQ, an application that allows your maintenance engineers to solve every problem in the simplest way: communicating.
Your engineer is at the centre of our thoughts.
Lindbergh on demand delivery of spare parts


T-LINQ is a revolutionary application that Lindbergh releases to its customers with a license agreement. Through the T-LINQ portal, compatible with IOS and Android and accessible from PDAs, tablets, smartphones and computers, your maintenance team will be constantly in contact with you and with us at Lindbergh.
After the initial registration, each engineer can login to freely access the portal reserved only for him/her. Taking advantage of the different T-LINQ menus, the maintenance engineer can ask for a spare part, book the pick-up of a return, schedule the use of electronic equipment on a calendar shared with the rest of your company’s team, report an anomaly at work, send a special made-to-measure report, upload photos and videos of the maintenance being carried out and so on.
T-LINQ is fully customisable, therefore each engineer accesses a version of the portal totally compliant with the real needs of the company and of his/her work.
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at hand

Of course, behind T-LINQ there is the Lindbergh team, always ready to provide timely feedback, such as updating the status of deliveries and collections or scheduling the turnover of electronic equipment shared between different technicians.
All this is already amazing, but there is more: T-LINQ is also the interface that your field engineers can use to book the Lindbergh laundry service, buy the PPE they need and book special accessories and tools from a catalogue defined by them and your company.
In addition, the parent company will always be in contact with them: through T-LINQ it can control the frequency with which work clothing is replaced and how much PPE is actually requested by each maintenance engineer, to prevent waste and improve everyone’s efficiency.
The content of T-LINQ is customisable, but it can also be branded, to ensure that every user always feels at the centre of his/her team.
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for maintenance engineers and after sales service networks

T-LINQ is a completely new way of supporting the maintenance teams of cutting-edge companies: to fully understand its potential see the presentation published on this page or contact us for access to a truly functional demo area.
Discover T-LINQ with Lindbergh: improving the efficiency of your work has never been so easy!
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