Lindbergh is the logistics network dedicated to maintenance engineers and after sales service networks.

We understand the value of punctuality and we are aware that your business depends on the quick availability of spare parts.
Whether it’s forklifts, lifting trucks, pallet jacks, earth-moving machines, or industrial systems such as CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, laser cutters, or any other system in the automotive, printing, packaging, or bottling industries, to name but a few, your maintenance technicians need spare parts and accessories in perfect working order and in record times in order to meet contractual conditions and guarantee outstanding service.

consegna in tutta Europa

in less than 24 hours thanks to our through the night service

Through our strategically located warehouses and our logistics service, we guarantee fast and accurate deliveries, taking advantage of the night time hours, and ensuring total safety and no need for the maintenance staff who requested the part to be present.
We deliver spare parts and accessories by 7 a.m. directly where your maintenance engineer’s van is parked.

The Lindbergh spare parts service manages and delivers spare parts, PCBs, mechanical parts, accessories and consumables for operating machines, aerial platforms, lifts, industrial systems, printers, warehouse equipment, engines, weighing and precision machines, lifting machines, golfcars, gym machines and so on.
Lindbergh’s overnight delivery service is for field engineers and technicians that carry out maintenance directly at the end customer’s premises.
Industrial maintenance engineers, electrical engineers, expert mechanics, emergency services…no more long waits and no more lost contracts due to the late delivery of spare parts.

Lindbergh delivers maintenance technicians directly to the van

smooth, correct and transparent operations

With T-Linq, our system APP, you can know the delivery time and receive confirmation that it has been successful, or be promptly notified of any problem: a simple and easy way of activating an alternative solution.

With Lindbergh you can offer your customers a foolproof maintenance and spare parts service: at last you can reliably schedule the work of your after sales service network.
Our overnight service ensures that your field engineers and technicians will not waste any time; in turn you can guarantee your after sales service to customers without worrying about fines due to delays.

Lindbergh increases your company’s productivity: become more competitive and improve your business!

Contact us now for further
information on our services!

Contact us now for further
information on our services!