saving time is the stepping stone
to saving money

Lindbergh is aware of the importance of safety at work, but also knows the value of time: every hour that an engineer spends looking for gloves, overalls, work shoes, equipment and accessories in specialised personal protective equipment (PPE) warehouses is an additional cost for the company, which translates into reduced productivity and efficiency.

For this reason, Lindbergh has created an online catalogue for your industrial maintenance engineers and technicians, available from the T-LINQ app, from where they can choose the PPE necessary to carry out the maintenance agreed with your customers.

Your industrial engineer can save time by ordering PPE and tools directly from the Lindbergh’s T-LINQ portal and he/she will be ready to work in compliance with the laws in force.

Lindbergh will deliver the order, once again overnight thanks to the In Night service.

Personal Protective Equipment

directly on board the vehicle

Our courier will deliver the PPE and tools ordered directly into the van of your field engineer.
This means that the working day can start with a job at your customer’s premises rather than queuing in a courier’s warehouse or in a specialised store.
You can order PPE and accessories from the Lindbergh website as well as equipment, tools and any other instrument necessary for the maintenance jobs that the engineer has scheduled.

You define what you need! Lindbergh designs customised catalogues in agreement with your company, according to the needs and preferences of each maintenance team.
Your productivity will grow because Lindbergh finds what you need and delivers it without any waste of time for you or your collaborators.

Lindbergh delivers maintenance technicians directly to the van