is now easy

Lindbergh offers a fast and effective return management system.
We manage and track all the spare parts that for whatever reason need to be returned to the warehouse of origin or that need to be repaired by a third party supplier.

Each return is collected from your engineer’s van and immediately delivered to the warehouse or to the repair centre.
Returns are tracked from the moment of the collection and the unique code is shown on the Lindbergh website.

From that moment onwards, each step is reported in sequence so that you are informed in real time on where your packages are and at what stage the repair is.


in real time

The Lindbergh website publishes the entire repair cycle in real time, so you can check the lead times and performance of the different parties involved in the process.
On request, we also supply backup spare parts to guarantee the continuous operation of your customers’ machinery.

Deliveries and collections take place, as always, overnight to and from the vehicle without the need for anyone to be present.
The management of returns has never been so efficient!

Lindbergh delivers maintenance technicians directly to the van

Contact us now for further
information on our services!

Contact us now for further
information on our services!