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Site goes live!

Lindbergh has freshened up its digital communication through the creation of a new website, which is in line with contemporary web design and web usability standards and is optimised for mobile navigation.

A new platform for the company, which – while continuing to confirm its leadership in the integrated logistics sector – intends to present itself as the only firm that offers a nationwide night time delivery service for spare parts. Night deliveries are now the company’s core business.

Lindbergh in France

We are pleased to announce that, as of this year, Lindbergh is international. With our new branch, Lindbergh France, we will be able to export the experience, know-how, and valued services we have developed for the Italian market.
This is a testament to our customers’ trust in us to which we intend to respond the way we always do – by showing exactly how much we are worth on the job.

Lindbergh delivers maintenance technicians directly to the van

In Night Delivery

We are a company that offers value-added services, especially in this difficult historical moment. For example our In Night service, which makes it possible to deliver goods overnight, in agreed and unattended places.

If in other periods the presence of a person at the delivery was a safety guarantee nowadays unmanned deliveries are the only way to safeguard your health: we deliver your goods in your absence, before the start of the working day, on board your field engineers’ vans or in a locker that we can open with smart access devices.

Your wellbeing is at the centre of our thoughts as is also our commitment to continue to offer you valuable services.

Lindbergh is certified

Lindbergh recently obtained the following certifications:
1. OHSAS 18001:200
2. ISO 9001:2015
3. ISO 14001:2015

We strongly believe in the voluntary application, within our organisation, of a system that allows us to guarantee:
1. appropriate monitoring of workers’ health and safety, as well as compliance with compulsory legislation;
2. the continuous improvement of company processes and the application of an organised control system, to guarantee the efficiency of our organisation and the services provided.
3. monitoring of the environmental impact of our activities, in order to systematically strive for improvement consistently, effectively, and – above all – sustainably.

This is not a final achievement, but a starting point from which to guarantee stakeholders and all our customers the continuous improvement of business processes and the application of an organised control system, in order to guarantee the efficiency of our organisation and the services provided.